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Van Con - Salute to Supernatural

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 25, 2014, 4:30 PM
  • Mood: Tired
  • Reading: The Demon King
Saturday was travel day. So, my boyfriend and I prepared up and gathered everything we needed to stay overnight in Vancouver, made way to the Ferry Terminal and hopped on the boat. We made it there and proceeded to make our way to the hotel over in Horseshoe Bay, to find out it had no available Vacancy. A pair of 3 British older couples decided they didn't wanna room up (Yet they SAW we were waiting to get a room... ) To then they all got separate bedrooms, and we were then left with nothing. The receptionist proceeded to say "Sorry, every hotel in Vancouver is hooked. You'll have more luck in Whistler" uhm. Excuse me? Do you THINK if we were going to Whistler, that we would be there? No. So then, everything seemed bleak, and it looked like we were going to have to get on the ferry and go home. Meeting Jensen Ackles looked like it wasn't going to happen.
(Which we were later reminded that the BC Lions vs Sask. Rough Riders were playing, Ed Sheeran was playing a Concert, and Anime Revolution was ALL happened that weekend.


Luckily for me, it was a long shot, I called up my dad who had went over the Ferry with us as he was there for the Football game. So I called him, letting him know of what was happening, and told him everything was booked and that we were going to have to go back home.

At that point, I ended up crying.

I waited 6 long months, I was counting down the months till it got to weeks, to days, that I was going to meet Jensen Ackles...

Dad then called me back, saying his friend had an extra room for my boyfriend and I If we wished to stay there with them.

So, we looked for bus that would get us there, and we found it, boarded on, and kept close attention to when our stop would be. Till the driver says,

"I need to take a detour, folks"

That detour got us lost. She pulled over, and we sat there for 40 minutes. "I'm just waiting to hear from the Supervisor then he'll come out and we'll make it back on route" At this point, I'm furious. This was the last bus he and I could catch to get us somewhere we'd never been to... We missed both transfers we needed, and so I grabbed my bag and told her to let me off.

Called my dad again

He didn't want to come get us, I explained what road we were on, and that we were lost, that the bus wasn't going to be moving anytime soon cause she got us lost, and that it was the last bus. So, being generous, he told us to call a Cab.

And so we waited. And waited. And waited.

The cab arrived, and a pair of very unattractive French girls tried hailing our cab to them, when, pissed off, tired, and really impatient me, Looked them dead straight in the eyes, and said, "No. We called this cab. Forget it." So I loaded up my luggage in the trunk and then we left and got to my dad's location.

Sunday, we woke up at 5 am (Thinking I'd take forever to get ready cause hair, but I decided I didn't want my extentions in (So early, no sleep for days.) But when I went into the bathroom for a shower, I was greeted by a wolf spider in the tub. Woke my boyfriend to crush it.

So then, we were ready by 6:40, and we made our way into Edgemont Village, I pointed out we needed bus fare, and he said, "Coffee." Luckily there was a Starbucks (There's about 1 on every block in downtown Vancouver) Got out caffeine and made our way to follow the directions to the bus stop we needed.

Finally, It arrived and we got to downtown following my map on my phone which made us a bit lost and went the wrong way till we FINALLY found the Wall Center.

Walked in and I met up with a girl and her mom who were also trying to figure it all out (We arrived at about 8:20am)So my boyfriend left to go find something to do

(I proceeded to tell him that I could have gone with my dad, as the tickets to the Con were totally sold out, but he wanted to go to Vancouver with me anyway.)

So myself, Echo (That was the girl's name) and her mom Michelle all chatted and realized that after we got our wristbands and solid tickets for our Photo Ops, we had over an hour to kill. Thinking my boyfriend was already way far far off, the girls said they were going to get breakfast, and asked if I wanted to join them both. So I did. None of us were from there, as they were from Kelowna, and we looked around for somewhere we could eat, till we stumbled upon "Café Crepes" It was so busy, and I got myself a small thing of Crepes with eggs and bacon, nom nom.

Afterward, we went back and :iconglittapop: had arrived, I'm confusing to text apparently, and we found each other in the Vendor's room ! :3 yay !

Proceeded downstairs to where we all had to wait, (myself, her and her friend Meagan) Till they came out and announced where people were sitting, after the Special Panel for Gold Passes only, starring Jensen & Jared were being held. Never got to see Jared, but I heard his voice >_>

And then finally, after some time, we got called up, and went to another long line, which went by really fast, till I got into the door, knowing it was my turn soon. My heart raced, and I started getting tears to my eyes and I couldn't stop shaking. Then, I was behind 2 girls who were before me, and just SEEING him in person was SO surreal. Till it was my turn, I walked over, waved and all I could muster was "Hii!!" OTL ah man.

But I went right in for a hug, and my picture with him. Hugging Jensen was just, wow. I'll never be able to express how amazing it was. I thanked him, and he thanked me in return, and I was cattled out.

I couldn't pick up my photo though, so I have to wait a couple weeks till they're posted online so I can claim it, and get them to mail it out to me.

So the waiting game begins.

But ahhhh!!! <333  I can't wait for next year!


Ali Chan
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I am highly influenced in the whole Anime/Manga art style, as it was what really got me drawing back when I was approx. 10 years old (InuYasha was my inspiration to be exact ;)) And I love escaping into that reality with fan-fictions, as well as my original stories. But come on, Fan-fic's are always really fun!

I love getting fanart of my characters, so please, Don't steal! Don't pass off my art or characters as your own. If you're going to draw my characters as fanart, please credit me and link it back to my page! :)

If you ever wanna get to know me or just say hi, please! do! I'm not a scary person, and I'd love to hear your opinions on my art, or just in general!

~ Stay awesome, Lovelies

- Tai-Chan!



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