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Journal Entry: Sat Nov 22, 2014, 8:43 PM
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Hey guys, so a bunch of things have happened, and I figured that I would get everyone up to speed. Especially as I couldn't totally get going with Coffee House more than I've been meaning too.

So, as all of you know, I've been accepted into College, and will be starting my program come February 10th of the new year (2015, duh) And had been waiting on my news of my application for my student loan... But the mail was to be sent to my grandparents' place, and of course, no one tells me ANYTHING. So I called the financial people, and they had informed me that they sent the paper I needed to sign was actually sent out... Not like THAT pissed me off from that or anything. And I was approved for my loan!!! I was approved for the maximum funding, which means, I don't have to work at all throughout my school year! Comfortably at that too. Thank god.. BUT.

It said that my schooling was set for September, so fuck my life. So now, I have to go in Monday morning to talk to the financial counselors, and fill out a reassessment form to make it so that they KNOW I actually start February 10th... And my tuition is due in less than a month... My goodness..

Also, my parents went back on a certain agreement we had, and demanded rent immediately when they know I am in the middle of paying off a mechanic's bill, my cell bill, and other bullshit like paying my fucking maxed out credit card (cause life...) So, I decided to stand up for myself, and call them out on their greedy selfish bullshit. Which resulted in them telling me to get the "fuck out of their house now" so I said, "with pleasure, you dumb cunt" And lead to my step mom throwing water at me and trying to come knock my lights out. Like are you fucking kidding me? If you hit me, I'll come after you so hard. Fucking bitch.. 

And so, I was kicked out. But, with generously open warm arms, my friend Kyla, welcomed me into her home, and now, I am living with her in her 2 bedroom place. Which is really nice, compared to living with my bullshit family. Fuck them all...

So yea.


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Hey~ long time no see how you been ^^?
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Kylaaa ~ Hello :3 I'm good, how are you?? I have a new Skype btw, as I lost the log in stuff for my old one, it's under Ali-katt104
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aww no wonder, i sent u an invite then :3
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